Small Grants Funding (SGF) – Small grant funding is available from DNRC for the purpose of supporting activities within the City of Dauphin. Eligible projects must contribute to the objective of community connecting and address one or more of the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund categories as listed below. Groups actively involved in these types of activities are encouraged to apply for funding.

Please review DNRC vision, mission and 1 year & 5 year plans carefully to ensure that your project meets all of the broader guidelines of DNRC. Application forms are available here.

Funding applications are reviewed on an on-going bases as funds are available.


Eligible Initiative Categories

Neighbourhood Capacity Building

Supports projects that promote neighbourhood consultation, outreach, awareness and collaborations; enhance knowledge, skills and leadership; nurture individual and community pride; and support the sustainability or programs.

Neighbourhood Stability

Complements housing improvements in a neighbourhood by supporting projects such as renovations to neighbourhood facilities, developing or reclaiming of parks and open space for community use, developing community gardens, improving local amenities, and contributing to neighbourhood beautification.

Neighbourhood Economic Development

Assist organizations with preparing community economic development strategies for their neighbourhoods that foster balanced, equitable and sustainable economic development and develop projects that provide local business opportunities, enhance employment and training opportunities for local residents; and promote local purchasing.

Neighbourhood Well-Being

Funds activities that support neighbourhood cohesion and well-being by enhancing neighbourhood safety and preventing crime; reducing at-risk behaviour (eg. recreation programs); contributing to better health practices; strengthening tenant-landlord relations; and improving neighbourhood cooperation.



Dauphin Neighbourhood Renewal Membership

In order to continue receiving community funding we must have the support of our community! If you haven't already become a member, PLEASE fill in the following form and drop it off at City Hall (Membership Form). Thank you for your support.

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